2012 Tejano Idol

Anani Rhames


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I would like to inform you that I have been selected as a finalist for the 2012 Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza competition.  This competition will be held at the Lila Cockrell Theater in San Antonio, Texas on December 1, 2012 at 9:00am.   I would like to invite you all out as I compete to capture the middle school title "Best of Show" as well. 

I am only 11 years old and this competition was the first biggest thing to happen in my life.  I came to this competition to find out if I had what it takes and if I should continue.  I have much respect for this competition because the competition was fierce and it made you bring out the best that's in you. 

October 14, 2012 will be a day I will never forget and I feel very honored to have been a part of this competition. I fell in love with the Spanish culture when I was 3 years old and it kept growing. My mom tells my story the best, but she kept searching until one day an opportunity came and she helped me take advantage of it.  I will always be grateful to a schoolmate who is a successful mariachi singer and his father for taking the time to work with me each week after school up until the performance at the school's 2012 multi-Cultural festival. I have been singing classical English since I was 4 yrs. old, but I have only been singing Spanish since the first of this year, January 2012, so about 10 months. So, now you know why this is a big deal for me. Spanish has a very rich culture and the music is awesome; I love the story it tells and the way it makes me feel when I sing.  I give all the glory to God for blessing me with my voice.

Anani Rhames - "La Charrita" 
2012 Tejano Idol


2012 Tejano Idol

Short clip

20 Contestants

3 Celebrity Judges

Room full of Tejano Music Fans


 2012 Tejano Idol


with Shelly Lares at 2013 Fan Fair San Antonio Texas

Shelly Lares

2013 Fan Fair San Antonio Texas


2012 Tejano Idol

Runner Up

Devin Banda

Devin Banda

performs at

Shelly Lares

30 Years Anniversary/Birthday/CD Release celebration



Tejano Idol

Runner Up

Devin Banda

performs at

AB Cantu Recreation Center's

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

 2012 Tejano Idol

3rd place

Kasie Fierova and

Sarah Maria Lopez

2012 Tejano Idol

4th place

Sarah Puente Lara 

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 More on Sarah at her website     www.facebook.com/rgvsarah

 Sarah's first

CD will be available February 2013 

2012 Tejano Idol

5th place

Carlos Meda

2012 Tejano Idol

Audience Choice

Kiana  Mode



Welcome! To the Austin Tejano Music Coalition's search for the next Tejano Music stars. 


The Austin Tejano Music Coalition (ATMC) brings you the 2nd Annual “Tejano Idol Competition”.

The statewide singing contest has been initiated to highlight that Tejano Music is an active genre of music in Austin, the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, the state and the nation. The contest will showcase unknown talent on the web and at the finale.

The competition has 20 Tejano Idol Contestants, 3 celebrity judges and a room full of tejano music fans!!!  

The ATMC CANTA committee will select 20 individuals to perform at the five- hour finale on October 14, 2012 at Graham Central Station in Pflugerville, Texas and winners will receive a cash prize.  1st, 2nd, 3rd and Audience Award will be presented. 

This competition is our yearly showcase and promotes tejano music as well as support this organization’s goal to award musical scholarships.


Contact us here.


2012 Tejano Idol
Sunday October 14, 2012
Graham Central Station
1719 Grand Ave Parkway
Pflugerville Texas

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20 Contestants


2012 Auditions


 2012 Austin Tejano Music Coalition Tejano Idol

Contestants  and Auditions

 Sarah Puente Lara  - Pharr TX

Richard Silvaz- Twin Falls Idaho

J. B. Odessa  Texas 


Kiana Mode  Pflugerville Texas  

Devin  Banda  Austin Texas  

Rebekah Torres  Austin Texas  

Lila  Ramos  Austin Texas  

Breatriz Santa Ana  Austin Tx

Kasie Fierova / Sarah Marie Lopez         Corpus Christi

Peter  Moreno San Antonio Texas
Monica  Zapata   San Antonio Texas
Kristyn  Garvin  S.A. Texas
Victor  Rodriguez  San Antonio Texas
Brenda Ocanez  Bryan-College Station, Tx

Felipe  Juarez   Bryan-College Station, Tx
Crystal Gutierrez, Austin Texas
Mary  Faz, Austin Texas
Anani Rhames, San Antonio Austin Texas
Carlos  Meda, Austin Texas
Chrissy Arriaga, Houston Texas


To support and expand the presence of a native Texas genre of music known as Tejano and its artistic contribution throughout the community

 of Austin and Central Texas.
To preserve the historical and cultural significance of Tejano music by creating an environment of respect, understanding and appreciation.
To promote the advancement of Tejano music and culture through unification, education, communication and public awareness.

P.O. Box152500, Austin, Texas 78715


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