Welcome! To the Austin Tejano Music Coalition's search for future Tejano Music stars. 

The Austin Tejano Music Coalition is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the Tejano Music culture. Our goals are to promote the music, increase awareness, and grab the attention of new Tejano Music listeners. We want to draw a spotlight to young artists and infuse the Tejano Music scene with fresh and new talent.

With this in mind, we host an annual event, - “Tejano Idol”, the timeframe for this year’s show is scheduled for Sunday October 12, beginning at 2 p.m. lasting about six-eight hours.

The contest, modeled loosely after “American Idol” with 5 Tejano Music celebrity judges including two-Grammy nominee Shelly Lares, launches spring 2011 with auditions from April to September, ending with the “Finale”.   This is a musical production with contestants and media come from all over the US.  


2014 Tejano Idol Contestants and Auditions

Cindy Catolani

Laredo Texas

Maria Villarreal Fraga

Austin Texas

Erica Rangel

Houston Texas


Erica Lazo

Edingburg Texas

Stephanie Rubio Pinon

Hobbs New Mexico


"Estevan" Stephen Ostwald

Houston, Texas



Deer Park, Texas

 Fernando Zapot Jr

Austin, Texas


Paty Villarreal

Austin, Texas


Vickie Roque

Austin, Texas


Karina Abelino

Dallas, Texas


Joel Lopez

Dallas, Texas


Norma Rocha Valles

Dallas, Texas


Priscila Rivera

Ft Worth, Texas


Trinity Wennerstrom

Ft Worth, Texas


Denise Davila

Ft Worth, Texas


Claudia Ponce

Humble Texas


Rita Capuchina

San Angelo, Texas


Christi Corpus

Houston Texas


Robby Garza

Austin Texas


Miranda Garcia

Plano Texas



To support and expand the presence of a native Texas genre of music known as Tejano and its artistic contribution throughout the community

 of Austin and Central Texas.
To preserve the historical and cultural significance of Tejano music by creating an environment of respect, understanding and appreciation.
To promote the advancement of Tejano music and culture through unification, education, communication and public awareness.

 P.O. Box152500, Austin, Texas 78715      


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