The coalition spends all year long working to host this contest and the day of;  is the busiest....I wanted to get a short clip out of  this year's Tejano Idol as quickly as possible so that people who were not able to attend would get a chance to see the fantastic people who are bidding for the title.   The whole show with judges comments will becoming soon.    Thanks to all who were involved in the making of 2013 Tejano Idol.
Don't Mess with Tejano Music!!!

Stephanie Pinon

Albuquerque New Mexico

Madalyn Hernandez

Houston Texas

Vickie Roque

Pflugerville Texas

Laura Aguilar

Belton  Texas

Marisa Cortez

San Antonio  Texas

Jesus  Martinez

Ft Worth  Texas

Audition is not available

Mario Macias

Ft Worth  Texas

Denise Davila

Ft Worth  Texas

Monica Saldivar

Grand Prairie  Texas

Monica Abarran

Dallas  Texas

Sulema Ramirez

Ft Worth  Texas

Bryanna Rich

San Antonio  Texas

Miranda Rich

San Antonio  Texas

Crystal Arriaga

San Antonio  Texas

Pricella Cerda

San Bernadino  Texas

Roxanna Sanchez

Armarillo  Texas

Beatriz Santa Ana

Austin  Texas

Chrissy Arriga

Houston  Texas

Samatha Quintanilla

Austin  Texas



To support and expand the presence of a native Texas genre of music known as Tejano and its artistic contribution throughout the community

 of Austin and Central Texas.
To preserve the historical and cultural significance of Tejano music by creating an environment of respect, understanding and appreciation.
To promote the advancement of Tejano music and culture through unification, education, communication and public awareness.


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